Media Release: Firms urged to capitalise on their online presence by SEO specialists

NOWADAYS, online marketing is an essential tool for ensuring a company’s success, both in terms of winning business and recruiting staff.

Says a spokesperson for SEO specialists, Red Evolution: “Attracting visitors to a company website is the main objective for online marketing, particularly if the site is expected to generate business.

“One factor that contributes to a high level of visitor numbers is a company’s ranking on search engine results, such as those found on Google or Yahoo. So how can a company raise its online profile?

“The process of moving a company up the ranks of search engine results is known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which increases the volume, or more importantly the quality, of traffic to a website from search engines via ‘natural’ or unpaid search results.

“The process of SEO involves developing an understanding of the words and phrases potential customers are using in searches, optimising the web pages for these words and phrases and then increasing the authority of the site through link building.”

SEO specialists Red Evolution provides a number of web solutions to clients – including web design, web development and SEO.

Dave Robinson, SEO consultant at Red Evolution, said: “It’s not enough for a company to simply have a website; people need to know that it exists, and this is where SEO is hugely beneficial – as it increases the likelihood of users finding a particular site in a search.

“The key to successful SEO is developing an understanding of the search habits of the customers a business is targeting. It’s not all about increasing the number of visitors so much as the quality of the visitors, by which I mean visitors interested in what a business is selling.

“It’s also about ensuring the website content is of a high quality as this is more likely to attract links, and links are what push websites higher in the search results.”

The spokesperson continued: “One factor that companies should bear in mind is that SEO does not generate overnight success, as it takes time to build up visitor levels. The process can take months to achieve its full impact and the key to its continued success lies in being persistent and patient.

“While SEO is becoming an increasingly popular method for raising companies’ online profiles, Dave believes the process is still widely misunderstood. Consequently, companies make errors such as buying cheap links in bulk instead of researching quality sources and aggressive marketing.”

Dave added: “Unfortunately, there are SEO companies who confuse businesses with jargon and guarantee them the top ranking in search engine results – a promise that they simply cannot deliver. A good SEO specialist will explain things in simpler terms and keep a company fully informed at every step so that they can understand what they are paying for and see the bigger picture.”

Established in 2003, Red Evolution is an Aberdeen web design company that works with UK and international clients providing a range of internet consulting services including, strategic advice, web design, web application development and SEO.

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