Media Release: Glasgow exec rolls up his sleeves to help people beat the recession

A CITY executive made redundant last year has decided to swap spreadsheets for overalls and help people to beat the recession.

Long-time car enthusiast, Roger Gay, was made redundant from his job as an investment bonds supervisor.

Begins a spokesperson: “Rather signing on the dole, Roger decided to try to make his hobby into a business by opening up an enthusiasts’ garage where people can use his tools, lifting gear and instruction manuals to maintain their cars.”

Said Roger: “Many jobs that a garage would charge for are quite straight forward and but most people do not have the confidence to do it themselves.

“But instruction manuals, such as Haynes, make things very clear so you can do a lot of things yourself if you have the right tools.”

Roger’s garage, Auto-DIY, is housed in a large, bright unit in Queenslie industrial estate, kitted out with hydraulic lifts, Haynes instruction manuals, specialist tools and, of course, a kettle.

Added Roger: “No one wants to get to work in a freezing and dirty garage. What I have here is a clean, bright space with oil covers on the floor so you don’t slip in any spills, a nice warm heater and other enthusiasts on hand to swap stories with.”

Although Roger has not trained as a mechanic he has spent his life fixing up cars and bikes for himself and other people.

He explained: “Like many teenage boys, I desperately wanted a motorbike. My dad bought me an old broken one so if I wanted to ride it I had to fix it. And that started a love affair with bikes and cars that I still have to this day.

“I have done so many ‘wee jobs’ on my own cars and for friends and family over the years, so I thought, why not help other people to do the same in these thrifty times?”


See pictures here:

For more information contact Roger Gay on 07932 676 668

Notes for editors

1. Auto-Diy is registered Haynes manual stockist. Sales of Haynes manuals are up showing a general trend towards DIY car maintenance.

2. Auto-DIY can cater for cars, motorbikes, 4x4s and light commercial vehicles. The workshop consists of:
• Two hydraulic lifts (two post, four-tonne lifting capacity each)
• Three additional car bays
• A motorcycle lift
• An off-car working bench
• Various hand tools
• A ten-tonne bench press
• A parts washer
• A floor-mounted coil-spring compressor
• Air tools
• Diagnostic code reader
• Engine timing tools and cylinder head tools.

3. From October 2009 until August 2010, Roger Gay completed training for work for self-employment through his local Job Centre

4. Auto-Diy has an agreement with a motor factor so parts can be purchased online and delivered direct to the workshop.

5. Auto-DIY
Unit A9, Coltness Lane,
Queenslie Industrial Estate,
Glasgow G33 4DR
Telephone: 0141 774 3141
Mobile 07932 676 668

6. Opening hours:
Tuesday/Wednesday  10am – 6pm
Thursday to Sunday 10am to 9pm
Closed Mondays

7. Roger Gay spent 15 years working in the financial sector and was made redundant in October 2009 when capita closed much of their Glasgow operations in a rationalisation exercise.

8. Roger Gay, who for years attended open days at Knockhill on the amateur Scottish racing circuit, has owned and fixed up the following motorbikes and cars:

• Suzuki TS125
• Yamaha DT175
• Yamaha YZ80
• Kawasaki KLE500
• 1980 Talbot Sunbeam
• Hillclimb prepared Toyota Startlet
• 1977 Toyota Celica
• Celica ST twin cam
• Mark 1 XR2 Ford Fiesta
• Mark 1 Golf GTI
• Mark 2 XR2 Ford Fiesta
• BMW E30
• Ford Focus estate
• BMW E36
• Vauxhall Astra

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Contact: Roger Gay
Phone: Telephone: 0141 774 3141 Mobile 07932 676 668