Media Release: Scamp is fit for Crufts

SCAMP, the Cocker Spaniel, will be heading to the world-famous Crufts dog show next March.

He’s been there for the past two years as part of the Scotland agility team and this year they were runners-up in their class.

Next year, however, Scamp will be there as an individual, competing on his own.

His owners, Ruth and Kevin MacKintosh from Inverurie, have noticed that spaniels are intelligent animals but are easily bored. So when Scamp was about two-and-a-half years old, Ruth took Scamp along to his first agility class.

“The dogs either love it or hate it, and Scamp loved it,” she said.

He also had a natural aptitude and was soon scampering through the course, jumping hurdles and burrowing under tunnels. The fastest and safest way to develop Scamp’s strength and stamina to get him even fitter than he already was, came when Ruth and Kevin approached K9 Hydrotherapy Centre at Hill of Findon.

Scamp took to the therapy pool like a duck to water and through structured training sessions has built up his fitness even more.

“He loves it and he knows when we are approaching K9 in the car and gets really excited,” Ruth said.

Commenting on Scamp’s case, Clark Wilson from the K9 Hydrotherapy Centre, said: “Scamp is one of the strongest dogs to come into our pool. Not only does he work hard, but he also makes sure the hydrotherapists work hard too, keeping him on track and exercised.

“The key to Scamp has been ensuring he is challenged and worked intensively in the water. Structured sessions in the pool including resistance jets have pushed his strength-to-weight ratio to the highest of all of our canine clients.

“By the time we have done a 20-minute session in the pool with Scamp we have given him the equivalent of a ten-mile, flat-out run. He copes admirably with the exercise regime and could easily do more. The combination of the pool and the follow up time in the hydro spa keep not only his muscles but also his joints in first class condition.

“We’re proud to be associated with first class winners like Scamp,Kevin and Ruth – we wish them all the best of luck at Crufts and will be doing our best to make sure Scamp is in the best condition to lift the Champion’s Rosette.”

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