Media Release: Bourne launches basis to cut costs of international email campaigns

LEADING digital agency, Bourne, has unveiled Basis, a new breed of marketing tool designed to slash costs and change the way that international digital campaigns are delivered.

Begins a spokesperson: “Developed while working on Dell’s channel marketing programmes in EMEA, APAC, North America and Latin America, Basis has been designed to radically reduce the time, costs and complexities involved in producing and approving multi-language digital communications.

“Removing the need to create messages from scratch for each project, the service is capable of cutting the resources required to manage such campaigns by more than 50 per cent.”

Said Dan Kersh, Bourne’s managing director: “Basis is a service born of necessity. In our experience international campaigns being run by corporate central marketing departments can take nearly a month to release, from the time of brief, due to the complexity of producing and approving emails across multiple departments and countries, landing pages and micro sites in over 20 languages every time they decided to mount a campaign.

“From our perspective, the need for a system that enabled greater speed while safeguarding control and accountability is self evident.”

The spokesperson added: “Bourne began the development process with an audit of all types of digital communications and devised a consolidated set of core templates aimed at increasing usability, effectiveness and brand consistency across communications.

“The agency also simultaneously developed an production and workflow management system, which added control and accountability to the production process and several elements of automation to the publication of emails and landing pages.

“After being rolled out within Dell the resulting tool – Basis – delivered immediate efficiencies, reducing average email and landing page production time from 29 days to a maximum of seven days. Also removing many sources of potential human error from the process, a uniform creative style has seen conversion rates increase steadily since the tool’s implementation.

“Bourne reports an overall reduction in the cost of email and landing page production by over 50 per cent, noting that Dell has taken this opportunity to allocate budget to other business lines that were previously not receiving any marketing communications.”

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