Media Release: Connect supports public sector communicators

CONNECT Communications has launched a campaign designed to support public sector communication teams facing budget challenges.

Begins a spokesperson: “The campaign consists of a series of postcards giving hints and tips on how money can be saved from the production of communication material, such as newspapers and magazines.

“A special LinkedIn group has also been set up, where those receiving the postcards can share ideas and challenges with their peers.

“Anyone can join by going to”

Managing director of Connect, Alan Ramsay, said: “The scale of public sector cuts has been well-documented. Observers may regard communications as a ‘low lying fruit’, but actually at times like this, engaging with end users and other stakeholders is all the more crucial.

“We’re confident that our experience and expertise can help those in the public sector to communicate, despite the budget challenges they may face.”

For more, go to or call Daniel Lambie on 0141 560 3040.

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Contact: Daniel Lambie
Phone: 0141 560 3040