Media Release: Unibind UK launch new, instructional DVD

UNIBIND UK has launched a new instructional DVD, addressing frequently asked questions from their customers.

The DVD from has been in the works since May and Unibind UK is confident that it will be of great benefit to their customers. The idea for the DVD was prompted by the realisation that some Unibind customers don’t have the resources at hand to overcome issues or problems with their binding machines and binding systems.

The video aims to answer many common FAQs received from existing customers, but a troubleshooting guide will also soon be added. The DVD will also be of benefit to new employees who take over a role where a Unibind system is used, making it possible for them to quickly and easily understand how to use the binding systems.

The DVD currently consists of the following eight chapters, although new chapters will be added over the coming months, including the troubleshooting guide.

1)      XU Range of binding systems

2)      How to bind correctly

3)      How to multibind

4)      How to amend

5)      SteelCrystal and SteelMat

6)      SteelBack

7)      SteelBooks

The film has been posted on the homepage of Unibind’s website and also on the recently established YouTube channel. The film features in full but has also been divided up into its separate chapters so the relevant section can be viewed quickly and easily.

The links to these chapters will also be included in emails in cases where account managers deem relevant sections may be helpful for their customer. Similarly, if a customer phones in with an issue, the account manager can discuss it with them in conjunction showing them the film, thus enabling the customer to fully understand how to use or solve the issue they are having with the machine.

Visit the Unibind UK site today to see the binding tutorials for yourself and learn more about how the office range of thermal binding systems work.

About Unibind:

Unibind Systems Ltd have been market leaders in the supply of binding and presentation supplies for over 21 years. Our customer base of 20,000 includes corporate, government, educational, municipal companies and SMEs who take advantage of our unique presentation products and personalised one-off presentation pieces.

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