Media Release: Big DNA to fund immunology research study at University of Strathclyde

BIG DNA, an award-winning life sciences firm which is developing faster, cheaper and more effective ‘next generation’ vaccines, has announced it is to fund a collaborative research programme with the University of Strathclyde (Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Science) to help develop its patented phage vaccine technology.

“We look forward to collaborating with Professor Stimson, an internationally-renowned immunologist and his team, to further understand the mechanism of action of our phage vaccines, and help optimise the technology” said Dr John March, chief executive of Big DNA.

“Outsourcing much of our basic research needs keeps our fixed costs low and allows us to access world-leading expertise which would take years for us to develop in house. This fits exactly with the latest ‘virtual company’ model for biotechnology development.”

Says a spokesperson: “Big DNA will be working with Professor Stimson and Dr Dino Rotondo, senior lecturer at the Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences (SIPBS) a leading centre for research and training focussed on drug and vaccine design, discovery, development and use.

“The Institute contributes substantially to the generation of new knowledge and the discovery and development of medicines and is an integrated research facility for drug discovery, development and delivery underpinned by a pharmaceutical focus in pharmacology, integrative biology, immunology and microbiology.”

Nigel Gaymond, chief executive of the UK BioIndustry Association, said such collaborations can only benefit all parties concerned.

He said: “This allows BigDNA to access world class research facilities while providing useful financial income to the University. Strathclyde University is at the forefront of participating in such partnerships, which are a central plank of government plans for the Life Sciences sector.”

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