Media Release: Telehealth could give carers a break

TELEHEALTH can give carers – like the spouses, parents and children of chronically-ill patients – a break.

Says a spokesperson: “Telehealth Solutions’ HomePod is an iPad-like device patients can use to measure vital signs, answer symptom questionnaires and send the results to a nurse.

“A nurse or doctor can review their results, and even receive text and email alerts if the patient needs attention.

“It means problems can be detected before they become dangerous, preventing a hospital admission or ambulance call-out.

“One study found it saved over £200,000 by avoiding hospital admissions and reducing length of stay for those admitted.

“No amount of home visits can match the level of information that a HomePod can provide, and a user can view the patient’s results anytime, anywhere.

“A carer can go on a break and know that the HomePod will be there to keep their loved one safe.

“They could even be allowed to view the results like a doctor or nurse would.”

Says Jeremy Cummin, Telehealth Solutions’ executive chair: “The HomePod is about giving people their lives back, with less time in hospital, more time at home and fewer health emergencies.

“That goes beyond just the patients themselves. It’s also their loved ones, their carers and their families.

“If the NHS wants to improve the lives of patients and carers alike, this is a way to do it.”

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