Media Release: Minister urges politicians to kill Bill

A CHURCH leader has warned MSPs the controversial End of Life Assistance (Scotland) Bill undermines us as a society by endorsing the deliberate ending of human life.

Rev Ian Galloway, Convener of the Church and Society Council of the Church of Scotland, has written to politicians at Holyrood ahead of Thursday’s debate of the Bill urging them to oppose the proposed legislation.

Says a spokesperson: “The Bill Committee has scrutinised the scrutinised the proposed legislation and its conclusions are unequivocal. No change of the law is either required or desirable, Mr Galloway has claimed in his letter sent today.”

Mr Galloway warned:  “Legislation of the type proposed in the End of Life (Assistance) Scotland Bill, represents much more than simply a tinkering with the law.

“Breaching as it does the societal prohibition on the taking of human life it carries implications for attitudes to many aspects of health and social care, not simply for the determined few who are pushing for change.

“This legislation, which has failed to gain the support of the Committee, endorses the deliberate ending of human life and undermines as a society.”

The spokesperson continued: “How we care for the most vulnerable in our society is a fundamental aspect of our life. While there is sympathy towards the fears and desires of those who may be afraid of a painful death, what is proposed in the Bill is not the solution, argues Mr Galloway.

“Mr Galloway stressed the necessity to ensure that, as far as possible, there is access to good palliative care, which in not just looks after the physical needs but also the emotional and spiritual needs of those coming towards the ends of their lives.

“The End of Life Assistance (Scotland) Bill is being debated at Holyrood on Thursday, 25th November.”

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