Media Release: SCC urges UK SMEs to gain competitive advantage by adopting cloud technologies

LEADING integrator, SCC, has told the UK’s small business that adopting cloud computing now could help them gain an immediate competitive advantage over of their large corporate competitors.

Speaking to an audience of SMEs at an event in Birmingham today, SCC chief technology officer, Rhys Sharp, said that having steadily gathered momentum for the past couple of years the market for cloud services has finally reached its tipping point.

Says a spokesperson: “Telling delegates that today’s emerging businesses can now afford access to technologies previously well beyond their reach, he demonstrated how a rapidly maturing sector now enables smaller scale enterprises to switch from buying computing as a capital expenditure to purchasing it like a utility.”

Said Sharp: “Now is the perfect time to buy into the cloud. Over the next few years every business will be heading that way, but in the short term it’s far easier for smaller organisations to make the leap and gain access to a grade of leading-edge technology and resilience that would previously have been well beyond their reach.

“It’s a move that will give them even greater flexibility, allowing businesses to expand, contract or implement new services and software packages almost at will, and that’s going to make a crucial difference to organisations trying to exploit their agility by stealing the march on their enterprise-scale competitors.”

Organised by Digital Communications and the Digital Systems Knowledge Transfer Networks in partnership with Advantage West Midlands the session – Cloud Computing: What Can It Do For My Business? – attempted to get under the skin of Cloud Computing, examining the reality of using the technology and what it means for business both now and in the longer term.

Attendees were instructed on the history of the evolution of hosted services and introduced to its burgeoning vocabulary with an overview of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Sharp added: “As more manoeuvrable, responsive organisations, small businesses are at a distinct advantage when it comes to the adoption of new technologies, being positioned to embrace the latest developments far ahead of their larger, more unwieldy counterparts. In an age where every penny counts and every business minute is of real value, the ability that kind of head start can be crucial.”

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