Media Release: Taking the plunge for people who want choices in their care needs

MY name is Sally Ann Millar and I am a non-executive director of a small family-run organisation called Community Careline Services that has been successfully and proudly been providing care in the community since 1995.

At the grand old age of 46, I have decided to take all my experience, knowledge and, dare I say dedication, and take the plunge, in this very unsettling climate, to open an organisation called ‘The Care Package Company’.

My ambition, and goal, through all my years of experience is to enable people in our local communities to chose a care package that will provide them with assistance on a flexible basis to enable them to live in their own homes as independantly as possible.

The flexibility will ensure people can get to hospital/doctors appointments at the arranged times. Flexibility to go shopping, pick up pensions, etc, etc.

The Care Package will also include assistance with preparing meals, domestic assistance and all the other little things in life that those of us who are more able take for granted.

Staff team members will be fully-trained and disclosures will be carried out prior to start of employment. I also aim to link the same staff team member with the service user, to give continuity of care. We will also provide free guidance to anyone who requires help with funding when purchasing a care package or for any other needs they may have.

My biggest break that has given me the knowledge and experience is my role within community careline services, and my role and dedication will remain whilst I work with my dedicated colleagues to build up yet another small family-run business called ‘The Care Package Company’ that I hope will be providing care in the community for many years to come.

My plunge to achieve my goals is a scary thing for me to attempt at this present time in our country and I would like to think that my efforts to do something new and for the good of other people will help to give positive thoughts in what is called a depression.

The Scottish Government has implemented a new self-directed support payment system for individuals whom require assistance in their everyday lifes and this will enable people to build their own care package at the time they require the help and the choice of whom provides their help and in my opinion and experience I feel this is definately the way forward.

Free advice and assistance can be given on who and how self-directed support could be the ideal way to help individuals purchase and build their personal Care Package by phoning Sally Millar on 0141 423 4689.

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Contact: Sally A Millar
Phone: 07751957577 0141 423 4689