Media Release: Going back to basics

MY name is Sally Millar and, at the age of 46, I have been employed in the private care sector for over 16 years.

My experience and knowledge has led me to realising that Care in the Community should return to how it was when older people in our communities had choices with regards to when they received a service and from whom.

Anyone reading this who has a loved one – who requires assistance to live in their own homes as independantly as possilbe and of course as long as possible – will be aware of this fact.

My goal is to provide a service that can and will be built by the service-user and their families to be as flexible as possible to meet their needs.

The funding for this new care package company can be funded from people’s attendance allowances or alternative funding such as the Independent Living Allowance (ILF), Disability Living Allowance (DLA), etc.

The Scottish Executive is also implementing self-directed support within the next year and this is an ideal opportunity for individuals to apply for this benefit that will enable them to choose who provides their support and when.

I also aim to help give advice and assistance to people to who are not aware of the benefits they might be entitled to. Through many years’ experience, I am aware that very many people are not aware of what they are entitled to and how to get this advice and assistance.

I have first-hand experience, after my father, at the grand old age of 81, recently spent five weeks in hospital. On return to his home in Thornliebank, Glasgow, I have worked very hard to try and find out exactly what he is entitled to get him the care and assistance at the times he requires.

And this fact has given me complete determination and guts to help other people out there, in our local communities.

Starting up a company in these very unsettled times is, without a doubt, quite frightening.

But I am confident that my advice and assistance will have nothing but a positive result for people who need basic help in their lives.

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