Media Release: Multicolour Camphill workers raise £2k for Java volcano survivors

PEOPLE in the Milltimber and Bieldside areas of Aberdeen may be doubting their eyes after this weekend as a group of eight from Camphill School Aberdeen go about their business with multicolour hair, plus two with pink beards.

The fundraising stunt is all in a good cause as the money raised will go to help survivors of the Mount Merapi volcano eruption on the island of Java.

The group offered friends and colleagues a chance to vote for the hair colour of their choice, in return for a donation.

Between this and previous fundraising efforts they have collected more than £2,000.

On Saturday (February 12) the colourful transformation will take place.

The result will be eight different coloured hair styles – pink, ‘smurf blue’, bright blue, burgundy, blond and black, plus two pink beards.

The volunteers who will be sporting this multicoloured look are Oliver Roschke, Tobias Hensel, Michael Fichtner, Philipp zu Hohenlohe, Steven Watt, Aye Maung, Danica Ondrusova and Frank Wenner.

Oliver Roscke explains how the idea came about: “In November, I was contacted by a friend from Indonesia about the volcano eruption on the island of Java. The explosion of Mount Merapi started towards the end of October and continued with increasing violence until the end of December.

“Authorities say that the eruptions are the strongest within the last 140 years and left 500 people dead and more than 400,000 people had to be evacuated from their homes.

“I spent part of my summer holidays in this area and enjoyed the hospitality and warmth of the people as well as the simplicity of their lifestyle.

“Many people invited me and my friends to their homes and treated us like members of their own family. It seemed so natural to them to share what they had with us strangers and to makes us feel home.

“Now many of the people there are in a desperate situation, they lost their homes and they neither have sufficient food supplies nor medicine.

“So our idea was to raise awareness of their plight as well as to raise some money to offer physical support.”

The group from Camphill started their fundraising with an open stage night at Camphill with musical performances, poetry, dancing and other entertainment. They raised several hundred pounds, but felt they wanted to do more. Which is where the hair dyeing idea was dreamt up.

Camphill School Aberdeen is one of seven charities in Camphill Aberdeen City and Shire.

The Camphill Movement began in Aberdeen in 1940 to support individuals with special needs. There are now 700 people who live and work on Camphill communities in the Aberdeen area and more than 100 centres in 23 countries around the world.

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