Media Release: Cheap international call provider helps long-distance lovers ‘go the distance’ this Valentine’s Day

WITH the ease of air travel and ongoing improvements in technology, it’s no surprise that increasing numbers of us are going the extra mile to make long-distance relationships work.

Long-distance relationships – just like proximal relationships – have their ups and downs but the added financial pressure of costly telephone calls and toting up the air miles can add further strains on even the most rock solid of pairings.

Thanks to cheap international call provider – – however, long-distance lovers can now experience a helping hand in the form of international dialling codes that allow callers to dial over 250-plus countries for as little as one pence a minute. – whose slogan is ‘where cheap calls cost pennies’ – offers discounted dialling on calls to both landlines and mobiles, meaning added flexibility for consumers looking to wish loved ones a happy Valentine’s Day.

Company spokesperson Andy Steele hopes Firstnumber’s Valentine’s special [] will help ease the financial pressure on people in long-distance relationships:

“Long-distance relationships are becoming increasingly popular and are particularly common among couples who opt to go to different universities but want to make their partnership work.

“At Firstnumber, we’re proud to offer cheap international calls that can help couples make a huge saving to their phone bill.

“For example, callers dialling Thailand for a 30-minute catch up could stand to save just over £22.

“You might be able to get away with forgetting to send a Valentine’s card this year, but with Firstnumber on side you can no longer say it’s too expensive to make that all important call!”

Direct dial access codes work by placing a designated code in front of the number you wish to call.

The code then applies a discounted rate allowing users to call destinations such as France [] from as little as 1p a minute.

The Firstnumber Valentine’s feature – Love Across The Divide – encourages callers to dial their sweethearts in Spain, lovers in Luxembourg, darlings in Denmark and amores in Argentina, all from just 1p a minute.

For more information on Firstnumber visit []

About Firstnumber: is an online phone directory offering direct dial access codes that reduce the cost of making international calls from a UK landline. was launched in 2004 and is a trading style of Wavecrest.

Contact Details:

First Number / WaveCrest,
1st Floor,
Bishopsgate Court,
4-12 Norton Folgate,
London E1 6DB.
Enquiries: 0870 801 7800

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