Media Release: WWF Scotland welcomes Labour commitment to ‘Green’ our homes

RESPONDING to the news today that Labour plan to have 10,000 more homes producing renewable energy across Scotland in the next four years – if they gain power following the elections in May – Dr Dan Barlow, head of Policy at WWF Scotland, said:

“With homes responsible for a quarter of our climate emissions a step change within the next Parliament to make all of Scotland’s homes low carbon is critical.

“We welcome Labour’s commitment to support a ‘Green housing revolution’, through support for energy efficiency and household and community renewable energy generation, including renewable heat.

“Scottish Labour has linked the imperative to create jobs and save carbon emissions with its core values on social justice to propose a scheme which could end the disgrace of Scotland’s fuel poverty.

“Against a background of rising fuel prices and tough times for many sectors of the economy, Labour are going for the eminently sensible strategy of making our homes use energy more efficiently and helping people generate their own electricity.

“Ten thousand homes and business premises is a welcome start, but to secure an energy efficiency revolution, we need a street-by-street, house-by-house approach across Scotland.

|”We also urge all political parties to commit to set a minimum energy efficiency standard to lift the quality in private housing.

“Improving energy efficiency and rolling out household and community renewables will not only cut carbon emissions but also deliver unrivalled green job opportunities, eradicate fuel poverty and cut people’s fuel bills.

“It’s a win-win strategy.”


[1] Labour in the Scottish Parliament

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