Media Release: Indulge your senses with Gulp, couture for your home

GULP offers “everything (inedible) for eating, drinking, cooking, living and giving” and is the brainchild of former lawyer/tax advisor, Miriam Fogarty, a foodie with an infectious enthusiasm for cooking, living and the whole lot in between.

Gulp started with out as a ‘pop up’ shop in Miriam’s home for Christmas 2009; since then, she has opened a ‘proper shop’ in North Berwick High Street, launched and plans to open her incredibly well-stocked Edinburgh warehouse to the public serving coffee and wine.

Miriam knows at the heart of any home is the kitchen and Gulp offers a luxurious range of exclusive, award-winning homewares, gifts and accessories that will set your pulse racing and reignite your passion for your home.

Start your day with a cup of freshly ground coffee using the world-renowned and unique Zassenhaus manual coffee grinder. At the ‘heart’ of the grinder, which protects the aroma and grinds the beans, there is no heat build-up which ensures that the flavour and aroma of the coffee beans are optimally preserved.

The ergonomically design led NUANCE Gourmet Hammer and Shellfish Forks will become a true favourite of any connoisseur who wishes to serve lobster, crab and other shellfish in an appetizing and attractive way.

With elegant design in two parts of stainless steel, the tools are polished, joined and silver-welded at the handle.

Expect to fall in love with the Amadeo Decanter from Reidel. A stunning handmade and mouth blown decanter free formed by master craftsmen and executed in the finest quality lead crystal. Or if you are looking to add an extra sparkle to you evening, the truly elegant Eisch No Drop Effeckt Duck Decanter marries the fine engineering of Eisch breathable glassware with sophisticated modern style.

Alternatively, the silver-plated, matt finish Regency champagne/punch bowls are the stylish and sophisticated way to serve drinks and perfect for any celebration.

Gulp offers unique eye catching European designs, many of which are exclusive to Gulp in the UK. There has never been a better time to indulge your passion for life’s pleasures.


Notes to Editors

Zassenhaus manual coffee grinder – £92.95

NUANCE Gourmet Hammer and Shellfish Forks – 69.96

Medium Regency champagne/punch bowls – £175.95

Eisch No Drop Effeckt Duck Decanter – £132.50

Amadeo Decanter from Reidel – £295


Miriam started cooking nearly 20 years ago and since then has learnt that some things are beyond anyone’s control, so she taught herself to remain calm, to improvise and sometimes to completely wing-it! It was during the late 80s at the start of a twenty year spell as a lawyer/tax consultant Miriam became aware of the thrill and delight in finding (and buying!) eye-catching pieces. From the early nineties, cooking and entertaining became an additional channel for her creative juices and in 1996/7 she set up Kaffe Politik, a cafe/restaurant in Edinburgh. Still in her ‘day job’, Kaffe Politik was managed by Ali Walker and pioneered a range of freshly squeezed juices, ‘real’ hot chocolate, tea infusions and the full range of coffees.

At that time, the only similar offering was at Cafe Nero in Regent Street, London.

As for ‘entertaining’ (she shares her motto with the French genius Billiart) her role is to spoil and indulge everyone she invites to her home and if the food happens to “work” or be fabulous… fantastic. Miriam believes that no matter how technically tasty a meal is, if it is made with resentment, reticence and/or stress that always shines through. In Miriam’s world, it’s all about the warmth of the welcome and the little details that light up any get-together. She lives in Edinburgh with her husband and two children.

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