Media Release: St. Patrick’s celebrations – tall tales and garden gnomes

Thu 17 Mar, 7.30pm (1hr 30mins), £9/£7, 14+

St Patrick’s Day Celebration

THE great Traveller singer-storyteller, Sheila Stewart, ranges from Scotland to Ireland and back through the music and the traditions of her people promising a night to remember.

Music and storytelling

Sat 19 Mar, 7pm (2hrs 30mins), £8/£6, 14+

Tall Tales Oscar

Storytellers compete to spin the tallest yarn, with deadpan or surreal conviction – or even terror. Then you, the audience, vote to award the Tall Tales trophy: a leprechaun called Oscar.


An alternative, friendly and banterous way to celebrate Ireland’s Patron Saint

On Tuesday 17th March, chuckles and leprechaun references are guaranteed as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a knees up of storytelling entertainment and a pinch of musicality, though no promises on the pot of gold.

Traveller singer-storyteller, Sheila Stewart, journeys from Ireland to Scotland and back with laughs and adventure on the way, drawing on the rich oral heritage of the Traveller community:

“We learnt everything orally from one generation to the next,” says Sheila Stewart. “The songs and ballads are just our versions of old Scottish ballads that died out long ago. It’s the travellers who have kept them alive.”

Discover the highs and lows, provocations and delights, lives and loves of Celtic life. Expect stories of all shapes, sizes and emotions from an enthralling raconteur as traditional tales and live music mix to ensure this is a cheerful shindig with a laid back vibe. Spellbinding stories and charming tunes are guaranteed in the perfect alternative event to kick start the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Tall Tales lines up leg-pulling, boasting and astounding yarns

Is storytelling essentially the art of lying? And are men better at it than women? These are just some of the questions raised by the Scottish Storytelling Centre’s annual Tall Tales Oscar contest on Saturday 19th March, when the cream of Scotland’s storytelling talent competes to secure that coveted trophy − Oscar, the Garden Leprechaun. The event is also part of Glasgow’s Aye Write Book Festival and is being performed at The Mitchell Library on Saturday 12th March at 7pm.

A Tall Tale may be humorous, fantastic, or spine chilling. All that is required is that it stretches the audience’s credibility to breaking point – but not beyond. At the Tall Tales Oscar the audience votes for its favourite story and just as in its glitzier namesake, the evening culminates with the presentation of Oscar to the winning teller.

The 2011 Tall Tales ‘Oscar’ will be hosted by last year’s winning hoodwinker Tim Porteus. Among this year’s contestants are former winners Jack Martin and Michael Kerins, and the storytelling ladies out to knock those tale-spinning males from their perch are Fiona Herbert, Sue Ramsay and Donna Bowyer.

Is an upset in store as male mastery of the lying art is finally dethroned? Enjoy the fun and fiendishly inventive musings in one of the Centre’s annual highlights, showcasing storytelling as sheer entertainment.

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