Media Release: Driving down carbon emissions to meet Green standard

CUTTING carbon emissions by five per cent over the past two years has resulted in NHS Lothian achieving an environmental standard.

The Carbon Trust Standard has been awarded to NHS Lothian for the work the organisation has carried out in reducing its energy bills over the past two years.

The standard was officially presented by Allan Crooks, delivery manager for the Carbon Trust in Scotland, to NHS Lothian’s chief executive, Professor James Barbour, this week to coincide with Climate Week.

Climate Week is running 21-27 March 2011, and aims to raise awareness of how people can help to become more energy efficient and drive down their energy bills.

Says a spokesperson: “NHS Lothian has introduced a number of measures to help drive down carbon emissions and achieve the standard.

“In total, NHS Lothian has reduced energy emissions by 5.3 per cent over the past two years, and is only the second health board in Scotland to achieve the standard.

“The health board is already working towards meeting a target of reducing its carbon footprint by four per cent in each of the next five years to release a minimum of £600k a year to be reinvested in clinical services.”

The spokesperson added: “Initiatives already underway include the use of recycled rainwater in the laundry system at St John’s Hospital, and the installation of solar panels to preheat domestic hot water in the new integrated Chalmers Sexual Health Centre, which is due to open later this year.

“Moving NHS Lothian’s headquarters from Deaconess House to more energy efficient accommodation at Waverley Gate has driven down energy bills, and the plan to reduce the number of office facilities from 13 to three will help to further reduce energy costs.

“Investment in automatic heating and ventilation controls, high efficiency boilers and heat exchanger systems, insulation of plant systems, improvements to steam and condensate systems and some automatic or high efficiency lighting projects have all helped to contribute to the reduction in energy bills.

“The health board is also planning to launch an internal energy saving drive over the next few months, to encourage staff to be more energy efficient.

“The Carbon Trust Standard requires the organisation to continue reducing carbon emissions and to reapply for the standard every two years.”

Charlie Halpin, energy and environment manager, NHS Lothian, said:

“Receiving the Carbon Trust Standard is a great achievement for NHS Lothian and demonstrates the work we have done over the past few years to drive down our carbon emissions.

“Becoming more energy efficient is a key priority for the organisation in order to drive down our costs, and to further reduce our carbon footprint.

“Since 2008 we have been working in partnership with the Carbon Trust on a Carbon Management Programme, and we have invested in a number of projects to help reduce our emissions, including the installation of automatic heating and ventilation controls, high efficiency boilers and automatic high efficiency lighting projects.

“The success of these investments, along with other housekeeping initiatives, have been a key element in achieving a major reduction in our energy consumption.”


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