Media Release: Homeless youngsters seven times more likely to have been runaways, says research

NEW evidence of the link between children who run away from home and future homelessness has been published today by Shelter Scotland.

Says a spokesperson for the charity: “Its latest research shows that 84 per cent of today’s young homeless people in Scotland under 25 years-old ran away at least once before they were 16 years old, compared with an 11 per cent average for young people generally.

“In ‘Running Away and Future Homelessness – The Missing Link?’ (2) the housing and homelessness charity also says 20 per cent of the runaways who are now homeless first ran away before they were 11 years old.

“Other findings of the research show 20 per cent had run away ten times or more, 67 per centhad run away more than once and two out of every three runaways who later became homeless said they had slept rough. The research also illustrates the direct link between troubles at home and school and running away.”

Graeme Brown, director of Shelter Scotland, says:

“These figures show that the children who run away from home today are much more likely to become the young homeless people of tomorrow.

“By continuing to fail those children who feel their only option is to run away, we are guilty of creating a society where lost life opportunities and squandered potential thrive.

“It is clear that helping to prevent young people running away would have real social benefits, not only in reducing the number of runaways, but preventing future homelessness and ensuring brighter futures for vulnerable youngsters.”


Notes to Editors:

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