Media Release: HMV breaks new ground with mobile phone app for trade-in games

ENTETAINMENT retailer, HMV, has become the first UK company to launch a mobile phone app dedicated specifically to a games trade-in offer.

Developed by MoPowered – the m-commerce arm of the MoBank Group, HMV’s re/play app is free and available to use now on iPhone and Android platforms.

Says a spokesperson: “It enables customers to check the latest trade-in value of their video games and consoles – either by entering details of the title and console type in question, or, more simply still, by using a built-in barcode scanner.

“The app then feeds back the most up-to-date ‘price’ they can expect to receive as a credit from HMV against other purchases they may wish to make instore.

“The app also gives details about instore trade in offers, as well as a store locator to direct customers to their local hmv store

“Trade-ins are becoming increasingly important within the UK games market as consumers seek ever-greater value.

“They enable customers to ‘cash-in’ on games and consoles they are no longer playing for credit towards the purchase price of new games and other products offered within the scheme.

“The traded-in products can then be sold to other customers at a lower price than their new-release equivalents – thus extending choice whilst also encouraging greater recycling.

“In the case of HMV’s highly-versatile games trade-in offer – branded re/play, that means not just other games products, but pretty much everything else instore as well – from CDs/DVDs to personal technology, such as the latest iPod and iPad ranges, and even the gig and festival tickets that HMV increasingly sells through its hmvtickets box office kiosks can be purchased with credit from the hmv games re/play scheme.

“If customers prefer to be given credit that they can spend on another visit, they can simply ask for an hmv gift card loaded to that value, and there’s also a cash option – the re/play app quotes a ‘price’ for this too.”

The spokesperson adds: “One of the key benefits of the re/play app is the time-saving convenience and confidence that it extends to customers, who now no longer have to check relevant information in press advertising or with their local HMV for current trade-in prices.

“Instead. they can simply find out details via their app, which will be updated weekly, and plan their next shopping visit accordingly.”

And the spokesperson added: “The re/play app is the latest in a number of recently-launched HMV apps: for, which enables customers to make online purchase on the move, and which last week was rated in Brand Republic’s top 15 apps; and for HMV’s award-winning purehmv loyalty scheme.

“The apps are part of a wider mobile strategy currently being developed in conjunction with MoPowered to improve consumer access to HMV’s products and services via their mobile devices, and so significantly enhance the company’s mobile credentials in the process.”

HMV Games re/play and Range manager, Martin Baxter, comments: “We’re incredibly proud and excited to be the-first-to-UK-market with a games trade-in app for iPhone and Android.

“This ground-breaking app will not only become a must-have download for current trade-in users, but will encourage a whole new range of customers who may have previously lacked the confidence or awareness to trade their games in.”

HMV head of eCommerce, Sarah Hughes, adds: “The relationship with our m-commerce partner Mobank has been a highly collaborative and supportive one, and their expertise and customer insights in this field are proving invaluable.”

David Rubin, head of Mobile Commerce, comments: “It’s been great working with HMV as they really see the value that mobile can bring to a retailer’s customer offering. With this suite of apps, they are allowing customers to perform useful tasks and interact with HMV in a meaningful way.

“The data we are seeing from the apps is very encouraging and shows that beyond the app hype, there is a very real customer appetite for mobile apps from high street brands.”

The spokesperson went on: “The re/play app, which has been soft-trialled for a number of days, is already meeting with positive reviews from gamers on iTunes and on games blogging sites.

“The launch is part of a wider and evolving mobile platform strategy for HMV – which will see new functionalities added ongoing based on consumer response and developments in mobile technology. HMV is looking to cater to the broadest possible base of customers through its mobile sites.

“ – mobile website – customers accessing from their mobile phone will be redirected automatically to the mobile-optimised version of the site unless they’re on an iPhone, in which case they will be sent to a landing page alerting them to the existence of the HMV iPhone app and giving them the option to download it or to go through to the mobile-optimised site.

“HMV – iPhone app – is fully transactional, enabling customers to purchase from a huge range of entertainment content and HMV products across all formats whilst on the move. It also has a store-finder function.

“Purehmv – iPhone app – this is a wonderfully simple application, enabling newly-signed-up members of HMV’s purehmv loyalty scheme to register and activate their card.

“One further benefit of the HMV suite of apps is that they are all functional, rather than just for marketing or brand window-dressing.

“As such, they address specific customer needs: the app enables HMV customers to purchase goods online; the purehmv app enables them to register their loyalty cards; while the re/play app enables them to check the trade-in value of their pre-played games and consoles.”


Gennaro Castaldo, HMV Press & PR / +44 (0)20 7432 2033 / +44 (0)7801 1941 39

Martin Baxter, HMV Games re/play and Range manager / +44 (0)20 7432 3053

Tristan Summerscale, communications manager, The MoBank Group / +44 (0)7920 820 320.

Editorial Notes

About HMV

HMV is one of the UK and Ireland’s leading entertainment brands, enabling comprehensive access to much of today’s popular culture through its chain of stores and online and digital sites as well as through its growing live venue, festivals, ticketing and promoting and artist management operations.

Established in 1921 through its landmark store in Oxford Street, and famous for its iconic ‘dog-and-gramophone’ trademark, 90 years-on entertainment brand HMV gets customers even closer to the artists and to the music, film and games they love whether in the home, on the move or via the ‘live’ experience.

Unique in its ‘360-style’ offer, HMV enables choice through 260 stores offering a specialist selection of entertainment content and technology products; an online store at and a download service at powered by 7digital (50 per cent HMV owned).

HMV is now also the country’s second-largest live music and ticketing operator: through its ownership of MAMA Group it has 13 venues and bars, including the iconic hmv Hammersmith Apollo, the hmvforum, the Jazz Café, Heaven, the Borderline, the Relentless Garage and Upstairs at the Relentless Garage in London as well as the hmv Picture House in Edinburgh, the hmvInstitute in Birmingham and the Ritz in Manchester, while it also operates G.A.Y. nights/bars in London and Manchester in association with legendary promoter Jeremy Joseph. HMV’s MAMA Group also owns and stages the annual Lovebox, High Voltage, The Great Escape, Global Gathering, Wilderness and the hmv Next Big Thing festivals, and also has an artist management division – SuperVision, that is home to the likes of Franz Ferdinand and The Kaiser Chiefs.

HMV’s ticketing operation – hmvtickets offers an extensive range of tickets for sale online at and via instore and phone box office kiosks to gigs, events and festivals – whether at HMV/MAMA owned or third-party venues and sites.

About The MoBank Group

MoPowered is the m-commerce arm of The MoBank Group. MoPowered develops and manages the mobile commerce platforms for a number of leading brands including HMV, Waterstone’s, Game, Next and Jack & Jones.

David Rubin, head of Mobile Commerce, can be reached by emailing

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