Media Release: Next generation of treatments arrive at Sulpta Clinic

ONE of Scotland’s most innovative cosmetic clinics has become the first venue in Scotland to offer a revolutionary new stem cell therapy treatment – dubbed ‘spray on skin’.

Designed to reduce the appearance of scarring and skin conditions, stem cell therapy is the use of next generation, cutting-edge technology to dramatically improve sun damaged skin, vitiligo and skin pigmentation as well as aiding the healing process of burns.

Sculpta Clinic which has branches in Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as London’s Harley Street is at the forefront of the latest cosmetic advances. The company is one of six clinics across the UK and the only clinic in Scotland to be specially selected for a UK roll out of the RECELL Stem Cell Therapy treatment, which has so far met with triumphant successes in Australia and America.

The treatment works by harnessing the body’s intrinsic ability to heal itself and is most effective in those conditions where the upper most layers of the skin are damaged.

Dr Mohammad Ahmad, clinical director at Sculpta Clinic, said: “To be selected as one of the clinic’s to be a part of the UK rollout of RECELL is a fantastic opportunity for Sculpta.

“It really is the next generation of treatment and brings the magic of science fiction to life. Thanks to the technology involved, patients suffering from debilitating burns, horrific scarring, vitiligo, pigmentation and aged appearance  are now able to heal properly and leaving them with no traces of the previous affliction.”

RECELL works by taking a sample of skin cells from a concealed area of the body usually from behind the ear, which are then placed in a special enzyme solution to loosen critical cells which are then harvested in a suspension solution.

The treatment site is then prepared using a CO2 laser to resurface the skin allowing the cell suspension to ‘attach’ to the treatment area.

The suspension solution is then sprayed onto the treatment area, repopulating it with the basal cells, critical for starting the healing process. It is then covered with a protective dressing which is removed after seven days.

Results of the one off treatment are usually seen within the first few weeks and depending on the size and scale of the area the healing process is usually completed within just one year, leaving the patient virtually scar free.

RECELL was originally formulated to provide a healing solution for second degree burns, but thanks to its revolutionary process, it can also be used in the treatment of acne and skin scarring and cosmetic resurfacing.

The treatment removes the need for skin grafting; the current treatment of second degree burn injuries, which often caused the patient just as much pain as their original injury and left them with unsightly scarring at the biopsy site which was often larger than the treatment site itself.

A biopsy the size of a postage stamp and no thicker than 2mm is all that is needed for the RECELL treatment, meaning it can be taken from an easily concealed area such as from behind the ear. This means minimal scarring and minimal pain for the patient.

Dr Ahmad adds: “Stem cell therapy treatment is not an instant solution to skin problems. It takes time for the skin to heal and treatments act as a catalyst to help boost the natural healing process of the skin, allowing patients over a reduced period of time to witness a complete transformation.

“So far we have had two patients use the treatment and even within just a few weeks they are happy with the way their skin is healing and are looking forward to seeing how the area improves over the coming weeks and months.

“The fact that we are able to offer the RECELL treatment at our clinic really does place us at the forefront of the latest cosmetic procedures and technologies, allowing us to achieve the best possible results for our patients, under the highest level of care.”

Treatment is available at Sculpta’s Glasgow clinic and prices start from £3,500 depending on the size and scale of the treatment area.

As well as offering stem cell therapy, the clinic also offers an extensive range of cosmetic treatments including laser resurfacing, carboxytherapy, hair implants, Vaser lipo, anti-wrinkle injections, lip augmentation, facial rejuvenation as well as the clinic’s innovative weight management programme SculptaSlim.

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