Media Release: The centenary Model T Ford conquest of Ben Nevis

ON May 13 2011, it will be a 100 years since the first ascent of Ben Nevis in a car. It was a publicity stunt by Mr Hendry Alexander, a garage owner, to promote the reliability of the Model T Ford.

In order to commemorate this remarkable achievement, a specially-constructed Model T Ford will be carried to the summit of Ben Nevis on the 18th of May.

This will coincide with a Model T Ford rally based in Lochaber the ‘Outdoor Capital’ of the UK, with enthusiasts from all around the UK and Europe coming together to mark the centenary.

Rather than the many days it took to get the vehicle up the mountain all those years ago, a group of keen volunteers intend to do it in one day – without rebuilding the path and converting it into a motorway. With this in mind, Neil Tuckett, of The Model T Ford Register of Great Britain, has built a Model T Ford which will be dismantled into many pieces and transported up the mountain, piece by piece.

Between 80 and 100 people are required to make this task possible. The car will be split into 40, 10lb packages to be carried by individuals, and larger components to be carried by small teams. It is hoped that the ascent will take no more than five hours.

Neil Tuckett will be part of the group and will reconstruct the vehicle on the summit for a photo opportunity, before dismantling it and taking it back down again.

A spokesperson for the local organising group said: “We invite volunteers to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime event and assist with carrying of the vehicle on the 18th of May. Please contact or phone 01397 772899.”

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