Media Release: Media statement on behalf of Pasquale Riggi

I AM David Sinclair of Victim Support Scotland and the following is a statement issued on behalf of Pasquale Riggi and his family:

“I will never forget Austin, Luke and Cecilia. They left ever-lasting impressions on me. I think about them at least 100 times each day.

“They are in my thoughts when I wake in the morning and before I go to sleep at night. They were such wonderful, energetic, bright and happy children.

“Those of us who had the pleasure of knowing Cecilia, Luke and Austin looked forward to watching them grow while they independently navigated through their unique life journeys.

“We are so thankful for the opportunity we had to know and love them and for the memories that we made together, allowing us to cherish them so dearly now.

“The horrific manner in which my children died will leave an indelible mark on the rest of my life. As a father, my natural instincts were geared toward safeguarding my children from the dangers of this world.

“It pains me to the core that I was unable to protect them from the selfish, brutal and murderous acts that ended their lives so unfairly on August 4, 2010.

“There is no justification for this heinous crime, repeated three times.

“Or is there any sentence that can provide justice for the overwhelming loss of three lives and the subsequent painful grief and devastation caused to surviving family and friends alike.

“My family and I wish to thank all those who have provided, and continue to provide, tremendous support.

“While recognising the media interest in this case, I request that the media give me and my family the privacy to move on with our lives.

“I will not be answering any further questions, and the only point of contact for the media will be through David Sinclair at Victim Support Scotland, which has been generous in its support of me and my family as victims of crime.”

Issued on behalf of Pasquale Riggi by Victim Support Scotland following

Glasgow  High Court hearing today (April 27, 2011)

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