Media Release: Blessed are the peacemakers

ONE of the most emotive reports to be heard by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland will be delivered by the World Mission Council today.

The Very Reverend Dr Andrew McLellan, Convener of the World Mission Council, presents their report on Israel and Palestine, called Investing in Peace to assembly commissioners.

Says a spokesperson: “Peace is central to the Council’s work all over the world, but especially in the Middle East. The report states that peace is a necessary condition in allowing all peoples to flourish and develop.

“The State of Israel was recognised by the international community, as a haven after the devastating acts against Jewish people in the Holocaust. It was a political and humanitarian response to events of truly incomprehensible proportions. The World Mission Council states its support for a secure and democratic State of Israel, where all citizens enjoy equal rights under the law.

“However, such a state faces threats from competing eschatologies or world views. On the one hand, it is at risk from Zionism, both Christian and Jewish, which has little regard for the Palestinian people. At the same time, it is threatened by those who seek to destroy the State of Israel.

“Israel is the cradle of our faith, the place Christ was born, lived, ministered, died and was resurrected. The Christian community which grew from those early disciples have sought to remain faithful. That community now numbers less than two per cent of the population, a figure that is being constantly eroded and losing its roots as more and more families choose to leave. Today, there are more Christians living in Chile than there are in Palestine.

“For decades the Church of Scotland, through the Council, has stood alongside the Christian community in the Middle East in friendship, love and solidarity.

“The General Assembly is asked to commend the Council for seeking to engage every member of the Church of Scotland in supporting peacemaking in Israel and Palestine.”

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