Media Release: WWF Scotland urges against new nuclear plants

SCOTLAND should continue to resist attempts to build new nuclear power plants and instead concentrate on clean renewables and energy efficiency, said WWF Scotland today (Thursday 23 June).

Says a spokesperson: “The environmental charity made the call following today’s confirmation by the UK Government of a list of eight sites – all in England and Wales – where they say the next generation of reactors can be built.” [1]

WWF Scotland’s director, Dr Richard Dixon, said:

“Following the recent rejection of nuclear by Germany, Switzerland and Italy, it is deeply depressing to see the UK Government pressing ahead with plans for new nuclear power plants.

“The UK needs new nuclear power like it needs a hole in the head. Nuclear power is an expensive and dangerous distraction that will undermine moves to boost the use of renewables and energy saving.

“Here in Scotland, we hope that the Scottish Government will continue to resist any return to nuclear. This Friday marks the second anniversary of the Scottish Climate Change Act.

“Research has shown that it is possible to tackle climate change and meet our electricty requirements without the need to rely on dirty or dangerous forms of power such as nuclear and coal.

“We urge the Scottish Government to deliver on its 100 per cent renewable electricty pledge and to work closely with those nations who have rejected nuclear power in order to ensure energy saving and renewable energy technologies are rapidly rolled out globally.” [2]


[1]  Energy plans to go before Parliament, DECC press release

[2] A recent report from FoE Scotland, RSPB and WWF Scotland, Power of Scotland Secured, showed that 100 per cent renewable electricity by 2020 was possible.

Earlier this year, a report by WWF and Ecofys showed that all of the world’s energy needs could be provided cleanly, renewably and economically.

It demonstrated that by 2050, power, transport, industrial and domestic energy needs could be met overwhelmingly from renewable sources vastly reducing anxieties over energy security, pollution and not least, catastrophic climate change.

The Energy Report: 100 per cent renewable energy by 2050

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