Media Release: Online treasure hunt seeks out women players

AN online treasure hunt is helping change the face of online entertainment with a new range of games popular with women.

UK-based has seen the number of female gamers rocket in the last few weeks as players from around the world test their treasure hunting skills to win an ever increasing jackpot.

Says a spokesperson: “In addition to a range of free games, offers puzzle lovers the chance to take part in a global challenge. For just 61p, about one US dollar, players are directed to a range of sponsors’ websites in order to find the clues which will unlock a series of passwords.

“The first person to get all the answers correct wins the jackpot of at least £300.

“But, as all of the entry fees go directly into the prize pot, the more people who register to play the bigger the win.

“Women now account for more than half of the 23 million casual gamers in the UK, making it the fastest-growing leisure activity for women and forcing the global games industry to sit up and take notice.”

Said Ken Gauld, founder and director of “More than 40 per cent of our players are women and that figure is steadily rising.

“Our treasure hunt has proved popular with both sexes but women especially seem to like it because it’s a genuine game of skill, not simply a game of chance or a mindless ‘shoot everything that moves’ affair.

“It’s a casual game that requires a little thought and patience. Players can join in at any point but must solve each puzzle in order. The one who completes the tasks in the shortest time wins.

“In the last two months alone a third of our winners have been female and we are seeing an increasing number of women taking part each week.

“Official figures, complied by the gaming industry, show there are some 14.3 million female casual gamers in the UK and 12.6million male and the amount of time spent on games across the total UK gaming population has grown by 19 per cent in the last two years alone.

“Throughout the world, the strength of the female online games market has been growing rapidly, they now account for over 43 million visitors to online games each year.

“Three years ago women made up for around 50 per cent of the casual games market and and accounted for about 75 per cent of those playing paid for casual games.

“Now the figure of female participants is around 65 per cent and 70 per cent of those are aged 35 or over.

“New research has found a lot of online gamers are mothers who have short time-slots of between ten to 15 minutes in their day during which they play the games.”


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