Media Release: Media statement from Jarvis family

Media statement released by Victim Support Scotland on behalf of the Jarvis family (Susan 27, Graham 26, Kevin 25, and Kimberley 20):

“MUCH has been stated following our mother’s murder in 2009 but all of her children want to stress that our mum was not always ill and bedridden; that we all had a normal upbringing, a good education – including university – and that we are determined to put this horrible experience behind us and make a success of our lives as a lasting tribute to our mum.

“We all believe that the jury reached the right decision in respect of our father.

“It has taken a very long time for the process of investigation and trials to reach this final stage, which we hope will now be followed by happier times for our family.

“However, the length of the process seems to have consumed the memory of our mum. It appears to us that she has almost been forgotten.

“We want to thank Victim Support Scotland for its brilliant support.

“We also want to thank Det Insp Phil Gegahan and his team for their work during the investigations and Gary Allan, QC, the Advocate Depute, for the consideration they have shown us.

“It is at times like these that you appreciate those around you who contribute to help you cope with such extreme ciccumstances.

“We are pleased with the finding of guilt. We hope that a custodial sentence will be deemed appropriate.

“Looking back, we would have wished that doctors would have been able to pinpoint our mum’s medical issues.

“She seemed to be subjected to so many different treatments.

“We feel that if there had been more consistency in medical opinions she might even have enjoyed a better quality of life.

“As things turned out, her life ended very prematurely and we miss her.”

For any further contact with the family contact:

David Sinciair, head of Communications, Victim Support Scotland

phone: 07803 970320


Contact: David Sinclair
Phone: 07803970320