Media Release: Social media – a waste of money for companies, warns Gordon Beattie

A PR and marketing boss has warned that most companies are wasting money on social media marketing.

Gordon Beattie, founder and chair of Beattie Communications and Only Marketing, said: “As part of an integrated marketing campaign, social media outreach can be wonderfully effective.

“But it’s not right for every business and you can expect better returns from other marketing disciplines.

“With a limited marketing budget, nine times out of ten, I’d recommend spending it on PR, search engine optimisation or pay per click.

“For most companies, getting their websites to the top of the search engines or grabbing the headlines in the press and media is going to give them a much better return than a social media marketing campaign.

“As with all marketing, the secret is to ignore the hype and look at the facts. The truth is that the majority of companies are wasting valuable manpower and financial resources on social media.

“I come at it from the standpoint – if it does not drive sales and build a brand, it’s not worth doing.”

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Only has its own social marketing boutique – Only Social.

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