Media Release: UK alliance to tackle stalking


Event: 1.15pm – 2.30pm, April 18, 2012, in The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

Taking Stalking Seriously’

THE co-ordinated launch on April 18, 2012, of the first official ‘UK National Stalking Awareness Day’ in both the Scottish and Westminster Parliaments marks a historic event.

Says a spokesperson: “When stalking victim, Ann Moulds, spoke out three years ago to shine a spotlight on the crime of stalking, it was not recognised as a criminal offence or as a serious form of violence which can lead to violence, rape and murder.

“Three years on, three nations will unite – Scotland, England and Wales – to issue a zero tolerance approach to stalking.

“The event – the first UK ‘National Stalking Awareness Day – Talking Stalking’  forms part of a wider campaign as universities, colleges and schools across the UK declare a zero tolerance approach to ‘Stalking – not on our campus.”

The spokesperson added: “The event will celebrate the success of the Stalking Law in Scotland (Sect 39 Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 which was followed by the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron’s announcement on March 8, 2012, that stalking will also be recognised as a criminal offence in England and Wales.”

Baroness Brinton will host the Westminster event.

The Holyrood event, which also celebrates the establishment of the Scottish National Stalking Group, will be attended by Cabinet Secretary for Justice Kenny McAskill, Solicitor General for Scotland Lesley Thomson QC, ACPOS representative Assistant Chief Constable Iain Livingston, MSPs and representatives of partner agencies.

To speak to a member of the Scottish National Stalking Group contact:

Ann Moulds. Action Scotland Against Stalking and chair, Scottish National Stalking Group.


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