Media Release: Transform your life in 28 days!

OVERCOME key life challenges in just 28 days with an unique programme from Borders, combining CBT training and intensive support from an expert therapist.

Leading online coaching provider, Borders, has launched a range of unique 28 Day programmes.

These are designed to support clients as they tackle key life issues and make significant positive changes in just 28 days.

An individualised programme is developed for each client in consultation with a fully-qualified, experienced therapist.

Current programs include:

Manage Stress

Manage Agoraphobia

Manage Your Anger

Manage Depression

Manage Anxiety or Panic Attacks

Overcoming Social Anxiety

Says a spokesperson: “Each programme is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles, ensuring clients are equipped to make quick and long-lasting change in their life. Clients are assigned a personal therapist who will work with them throughout the programme.”

The main elements of the 28 day programmes are:

* Initial consultation: Each programme begins with a 45 minute virtual consultation with the personal therapist by email, telephone or instant chat.

* An individual programme planned especially for the client. The therapist will plan a unique program based on the client’s individual needs. He or she sends an email to the client every morning during the 28 days programme, including tasks or exercises to complete that day. These may ask the client to challenge negative beliefs or try out new thoughts or behaviour.

* Therapist support on hand at all times. Clients can contact their therapist by email at any time.

* Virtual therapy session every seven days. Clients have a a 45-minute virtual session with their therapist every seven days during their programme. This is an opportunity to assess progress, talk about any challenges they have encountered, and decide on their next steps.

For full details of Borders 28 day programmes see:

Borders Counselling and Coaching is a leading provider of online mental health solutions.

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