Media Release: SCC says Data Centre revolution to underpin decade of change

SCC chief technical officer, Rhys Sharp, has told an audience at the 2011 IP Expo in London that a combination of recent advances in Data Centre technology and budgetary pressures are driving businesses to fundamentally rethink the way they consume IT.

Says a spokesperson: “At a session organised by networking giants Cisco -Building a Data Centre ready for Cloud – Sharp briefed attendees on SCC’s decade long strategy of investment in its custom built hosting facilities, a policy he believes has paved the way for a major cultural change in the way businesses think of and use technology.

“Citing a robust 21st century infrastructure built on improved storage, ubiquitous connectivity and network resilience, he told the Earls Court audience that ten years of perpetual evolution have delivered a modern Data Centre capable of supporting a completely different approach to corporate computing.”

Said Sharp: “Together with the financial imperatives brought by the economic slowdown, the emergence of the modern data centre has created a perfect storm where businesses are not only capable of effecting major changes in their use of IT, but also have a powerful motivation to do so as quickly as is practicable.

“The fact that companies across the country are under pressure to deliver their processes faster, better and more cheaply than ever before may not be new, but at least now we have the technology we need to really do something about it.

“In less than a decade we’ve seen a series of rapid developments that have taken us from the point where a Data Centre was just a server room in the corner of an office to the point where it has become a highly complex, state-of-the-art instillation in its own right.

“Now, as users begin switching from the distributed computing environment to a centralised approach, I believe we are poised to witness ten years of even more rapid development as enterprises move quickly towards adopting a Technology as a Service model.”

SCC’s IP Expo session demonstrated to participants how building a new Data Centre today requires a fresh approach and a new way of thinking, as the pace of change in the technology sector accelerates we see a new generation of virtualisation capabilities arrive that deliver greater convergence and higher levels of optimisation.

Sharp showed how bringing these technologies together has helped the company build an award winning efficient data centre and cloud platform that is ready for the demands of 21st century cloud computing.

The spokesperson continued: “Launched in 2010, SCC’s latest custom-built Data Centre was awarded the Green Grid Award for Sustainability 2011 at the Data Centres in Europe Awards earlier this year. Located in its UK technology campus, the company’s Dual Data Centre sites are at the heart of the UK transport network, allowing easy access for engineers.

“The location also avoids any problems associated with the extensive pressure being put on London’s power grid, both from ongoing growth and from the expected demands of the forthcoming Olympic Games, the threat of power shortages and the possibility of brownouts or rolling blackouts, which has recently raised concerns in the Data Centre industry.”

Rhys Sharp was speaking at the IP EXPO at Earls Court, London. Visit SCC at Stand A8 within the Cisco village to see how our Data Centre services can provide you affordable, immediate and risk free access to the smartest business enabling technologies and solutions tailored to your needs.

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