Media Release: NHS Lothian rehab service launches innovative DVD

NHS Lothian today (01 December) launched an innovative DVD to help people who have suffered mental or physical health conditions get back into work.

The Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) team from Working Health Services Lothian have developed the ‘I’m VR’ DVD to promote their services, it is designed to help GPs and other health professionals.

The DVD is filmed in a documentary style and features local GPs, current and former patients, vocational rehabilitation staff, small business employers and other health professionals.

Gerry McFeely, project manager, Working Health Services Lothian, NHS Lothian, said: “Work is vital to people’s lives and to their overall wellbeing. This DVD poses the question, who is vocational rehabilitation and the answer is that everyone is vocational rehabilitation.

“The DVD demonstrates how joined up working can help deliver for patients and employers, keeping people in work or helping them to return to work quicker than they might without assistance.”

It is hoped that the eight minute film will raise the profile of vocational rehabilitation in Lothian and more broadly across the country.

“It aims to highlight the work which has been done by NHS Lothian Working Health Services over the last three years,” Gerry McFeely continued.

“There are so many people who have already benefitted from our specialist rehabilitation team, which includes occupational therapists and physiotherapists and the hope is that the DVD will help to increase those numbers further.”

Lisa, an operations director of a medium-sized business in Edinburgh, added: “Vocational rehabilitation helped us get a key member of staff back to work.

“It’s important to keep core skills within the business and retain all members of staff that have contributed to the organisation’s development over the years.

“I liaised with occupational therapists to identify what we had to do to assist members of staff being able to continue their role. They helped us with adapting the work station and the working environment to be able to do that.

“Vocational rehab is beneficial to both employee and employer and we have found it to be a very worthwhile experience, as we know the employee is happy with our commitment.”

Dr Alison McCallum, director of Public Health and Health Policy, NHS Lothian, said: “Working Health Services Lothian helps identify, assess and assist patients whose illness or disability means that they are a risk of being unable to work.

“The ‘I’m VR’ DVD highlights the important work being undertaken and the importance of partnership working in this field.”


Notes to editors

  • The DVD is available to view at
  • More information about Working Health Services can be found at or by calling 0131 537 9579
  • The aim of Working Health Service Lothian is to help people who are at risk of being unable to work, due to a new illness or disability or worsening of an existing condition and to provide direct access to a specialist rehabilitation service to support them back into the workplace
  • The DVD is an innovative tool developed by Working Health Services Lothian that highlights the diverse benefits and applications of vocational rehabilitation.

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