Media Release: ‘Silicon Scotland’ project launching

A NEW project announced today could bring hundreds of new earning opportunities to journalists and techies in Scotland over the next year in what is being dubbed as the ‘Silicon Scotland’ project.

Nathan Goldberg, a 61 year-old ‘socialpreneur’, announced the launch of his wowdewow project which will make Scotland – and, in particular, Glasgow – a force to be reckoned with in not only the virtual but non-virtual world.

Born in the Gorbals and a lifelong socialist, he forecast his project would give the planet a new way of doing business on the economic, political and environment fronts in particular.

He said: “In hard times, opportunities are at their most potent and we are hoping to exploit that fact of life in the coming years to bring thousands of jobs and prosperity to Scotland and elsewhere, to give the planet a longer lifespan by introducing a new way of working together.”

The former editor of the the Scottish Daily News and founder of the new Cooperation Movement spelled out how this would come about:

1. By creating a local, twice-a-week printed version in its millions of his wowdewow blog magazine with thousands of blogs after only 14 months.

2. By developing The Club Wo,  a new social network with a difference in that it will give a 30 per cent stake to its free-to-join members.

3. By launching its new television station to ensure its members become part of the conversation.

4. By spreading the wowdewow brand into the non virtual world in terms of retail outlets, training and consultancy in the key areas of culture, lifestyle, society, tech and business.

5. By spreading the message of his Cooperation Movement in ways in which the planet can buy itself more time by working together on key issues such as the economic, political and environmental arenas in local, national and international platforms.

6. By growing his Jonathan Goldberg Mental Health Foundation in memory of his son so that the talents of 25 per cent of the planet can be utilised effectively

7. By all in all providing an example in togetherness that can give the world fresh hope.

He said: “We can do this together, take the planet off it’s killing and self indulgent spree into far more productive and fulfilling activities of which we can be be proud.”

This press release is embargoed until at earliest Monday December 12 when a press conference is due to be held in Glasgow, probably the Leverndale Hospital for Mental Health.

In the meantime, Nathan Goldberg can be contacted on 074123 4045.

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