Media Release: Paid search spend reportedly to increase considerably in 2012

Q4 2011 saw a 43 per cent increase in paid search click volumes in the UK. Similar figures in the US have led researchers to predict almost half of total online advertising expenditure this year will be on paid search.

The report, by Marin Software, suggests advertisers who choose paid search are likely to see a better return on their investment this year.

One of the causes of the influx is believed to be the rising popularity of smartphones and tablets whose use accounted for 12 per cent of paid search clicks in the UK, in December. Portable technology broadens possibilities for advertisers as they can target people on the move as well as those using desktop technology. Mobile campaigns are also less expensive. Resultantly, search spend on mobiles is expected to rise even further in 2012.

Leading UK SEO agency, QueryClick, welcomes the findings.

“This is the start of an excitingly competitive time. With companies increasingly opting for paid search, the online marketing industry will need to respond to the flooded market with innovative and creative solutions to their clients’ needs,” managing director, Christopher Liversidge comments.

Interestingly, findings show a drop in US clickthrough rates in the fourth quarter of 2011. This is being attributed to the amount of paid search advertisers battling it out over the busy Christmas shopping period.

“Again, this calls for updated or completely new marketing solutions as consumers oppose the amount of advertising geared towards them at certain times of the year. New areas could be explored,” Mr Liversidge continues.

“It’ll also be interesting to see how search engines react, and whether further advertising opportunities will be permitted.”

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on social network platforms is also expected to be on the rise in 2012. This goes hand in hand with the mobile phone and tablet trend as social networks are being integrated into phone and tablet systems.


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