Media Release: Top Scottish presenter urges young people to realise dreams

TELLY star, Kaye Adams, admits she was like a ‘dog with a bone’ when pursuing a broadcasting career and ‘doggedly’ ignored advice to give up on her dream job.

Kaye – who is preparing to complete a 10k in March for Sport Relief – is urging young people to follow their hearts so that they too can realise their ambitions.

“I chose to ignore the advice,” Kaye said. “I didn’t dismiss it out of hand, I used to agonise long and hard about whether or not I was just being pig-headed by pursuing my on-screen goal, but something in my gut told me I could do it and to keep going.”

Kaye – who starred on hit lunchtime show, Loose Women – talked about her career path while trying out a new interactive online careers service.

The exciting My Strengths tool on ‘My World of Work’ helps people understand where their potential lies and how they can match their strengths to a job.

Kaye realised by using the service that it was her strengths that led her to pursue her journalism career against the advice of those around her.

“The main reason for me being where I am is a case in point,” Kaye said. “I am like the proverbial dog with a bone, ingrained in me, I suspect, by both nature and nurture. My mother makes me look like a lightweight when it comes to tenacity but, nonetheless, a good measure of it has rubbed off.”

Kaye was told various times to “forget about working in front of the camera” but her confidence soon grew to match her conviction and she made the breakthrough which she says is due to a key strength.

Kaye said: “That’s an example of my doggedness working as a strength. It can also be a drawback. There are times I should let go and I don’t.

“As I get older, I am beginning to get to grips with the idea that you have to lose a few battles to win the war – or just to maintain a sense of harmony – but it is something I have to work at.

“Doing the strengths tool was interesting in that it more or less backed up those thoughts highlighting a desire to ‘do it better’ and ‘do it differently’.

“It also reminded me that I am actually pretty good at looking at the big picture, which is something that’s important when you are trying to get a journalistic handle on events and issues.

“I should remember that when dealing with work situations and use it more.”

The tool also threw up a few less predictable strengths for Kaye and identified her as an ‘enabler’ – someone who helps develop other people.

“I do get a kick out of seeing younger colleagues blossom and would take enormous pride in being a part of that,” Kaye explained.

“However, as a presenter, there can be a tendency to be a bit of a lone wolf. I will be mindful in the future not to give in to that. There are far more career opportunities out there for me as a good member of a team than as an isolated and isolating figure.”

Kaye added: “My Strengths is a really good starting point for preparing yourself to respond, react and thrive.

“I’ve long been a believer that our strengths can also be our weaknesses and vice versa. Much depends on how you choose to deploy them. I’ve come to this conclusion through a sometimes bitter, sometimes happy experience.”

To complete the My Strengths tool to find out where your potential lies and for further guidance on areas such as how to handle difficult interview questions and the Scottish jobs market, visit

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