Media Release: Career of French rugby team captain, Thierry Dusautoir, to be discussed by journalists

FRENCH reporter, Arnaud David, and his Scottish counterpart, Allan Massie, are to take part in the second event of the new series of talks, ‘La Tête et les Jambes’ (Head and Legs), initiated by the Institut français d’Ecosse to celebrate the Britain Olympic year.

On the eve of the France versus Scotland Six Nations rugby game at Murrayfield, Arnaud David, rugby specialist and reporter for Sud Ouest will be joined by novelist and sports writer, Allan Massie, for a talk on Thierry Dusautoir on Friday 24 February.

The two rugby specialists will use the French rugby team captain as an example of the champion of our days, also exploring the fascinating questions of success and achievement in societies where sport means so much more than just physical performances.

On his choice of Thierry Dusautoir to illustrate this talk on the figure of the champion, Arnaud David quotes the French rugby team captain, Marc Liévremontm in Le Parisien: “The chaotic route of the French team was painful for both of us. We are both committed men, with many convictions. And we both hate failure.

“The way Thierry replied to criticisms is magnificent.

“He managed to mobilise his men and they played a beautiful World Cup.

“I am very proud I chose him as captain.”

David adds: ‘If I chose to talk about Thierry Dusautoir, it’s not because he was named world’s best player in 2011 but because nothing really predisposed him to become this exceptional champion.

“He didn’t invent himself as a champion; rather he found the way to push his limits every time further.

“He built himself up slowly but confidently, in this difficult and continuous challenge that imposes to put oneself in danger.”

In March, Philippe Auclair, England correspondent of France Football and RMC and regular contributor to Champions and The Blizzard, will be in conversation with Patrick ‘Paddy’ Barclay, Scottish sportswriter and contributor to London Evening Standard and Sunday Supplement, on March 15th.

Their discussion will focus on Eric Cantona.

On this special occasion, Auclair, author of Cantona’s biography Cantona: The Rebel Who Would Be King (Macmillan, 2009), and Barclay will go back over Cantona’s career as a footballer, on both sides of the channel.

‘La Tete et les Jambes’ talks are a new series of events questioning the figure of the champion in our current societies.

From February to June, the Institute invites French and Scottish journalists to look, in-depth, into the qualities athletes need to become authentic ‘champions’, using the example of popular and successful sportsmen of our days.

What does it take to be a champion nowadays? A fitted body, courage, fortitude and intelligence, obviously, but what else? Charisma? Money? Political statements? Doping or even mechanical assistance?

These are some of the fascinating questions, in addition to those of the audience, the guests will explore.

The series will continue in April and on a monthly basis until June 2012.

Speakers will be announced in a new release.

Listings Information

Talk #2 : Arnaud David and Allan Massie on Thierry Dusautoir – In English

Date: Friday 24 February 2012, 6.00 pm

Venue: Institut français d’Ecosse, 13 Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh

Tickets: £3 (free for Institute members)

Booking and information: 0131 226 5366

Talk #3: Philippe Auclair and Patrick Barclay on Eric Cantona – In English

Date: Thursday 15 March 2012, 6.00 pm

Venue: Institut français d’Ecosse, 13 Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh

Tickets: £3 (free for Institute members)

Booking and information: 0131 226 5366

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After a year of cultural exchanges between Brittany and Scotland in 2011, the Institute surfs on the Olympics wave in 2012, giving a sporting flavour to its cultural programme entitled, ‘La Tête et les Jambes’.

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