Media Release: Beattie Communications creates content marketing team

BEATTIE Communications, today (11.04.12) announced the creation of a high-powered content marketing team.

The agency responded to client demands and brought together a content creation team of writers, cameramen, broadcasters, designers, programmers and developers from across the company.

They will produce everything from websites to videos, events to eBooks and digital games to viral content.

“By drawing in talent from across our eight UK offices we have formed a content creation team to enable brands to become publishers of compelling content that attracts individuals and businesses and inspires them to become customers and clients,” explained Gordon Beattie, chair of Beattie Communications.

The content marketing team comprises individuals from Beattie Communications and its sister brands – Only Words and Only Web.

Beattie explained: “We are providing a turnkey service that embraces content marketing strategy, content creation, content optimisation and content distribution on a plethora of traditional and digital platforms including the press, broadcast media, web and mobile and, of course, the social media.”

Beattie believes content marketing has the potential to become the next major growth opportunity for PR, marketing and advertising agencies.

He said: “Traditional advertising is losing its punch as consumers resist the ‘big sell’. They would rather discover a brand themselves or have a trusted friend recommend a product or service.

“Content marketing is much more subtle than in-your-face advertising. It’s why, I believe, it will become increasingly important across both the b2b and b2c sectors.

“I have said for years that content is king and, as consumers, we have demonstrated an insatiable appetite for entertaining, informative and inspiring content whether it’s videos on YouTube, pictures on Pinterest or short blogs on Twitter.

“Our hunger for fresh and exciting content is growing year by year and smart brands are waking up to the fact that they can’t only connect with consumers, they can win new customers by publishing compelling content.

“The content marketing revolution is barely out of its cradle but it’s going to be a major growth factor for Beattie Communications and many other creative agencies in years to come.”

Beattie acknowledges that Beattie Communications is ideally placed to become leaders in content marketing.

He added: “We employ more trained journalists than any PR agency in Europe so we have the written and spoken word covered. In addition, Only Web is the fastest growing web marketing team in the country – so we have every corner covered.”

Beattie Communications is an integrated PR and marketing agency with eight offices across the UK including Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester and partners in 40 countries.

It has specialist teams serving 14 industry sectors including health, retail and transport.

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