Media Release: Beattie Communications launches world’s first ‘male marketing boutique’

BEATTIE Communications has launched the world’s first ‘male marketing boutique’.

Only Men offers an exclusive range of PR and marketing services to brands targeting the male audience.

“Men account for almost half of the world’s population so it’s hard to believe that there are no other marketing agencies out there specifically targeting men,” said Gordon Beattie, chair and founder of Beattie Communications.

“We have trawled the internet and found no other marketing agency focussing on men, despite numerous male brands aggressively targeting the audience.

“To say we are surprised is an understatement – especially when you consider the enormous buying potential of the male population. We reckon the men’s market is worth in excess of £150bn.

“We come from the standpoint that men are different from women. We think differently and we behave differently. It means that campaigns that appeal to women will not necessarily strike a chord with men.

“Men have been disenfranchised by the marketing industry – that’s why we are determined to do our bit for mankind.”

Beattie sees male marketing as a huge commercial opportunity – especially as Only Men currently has the market to themselves.

Beattie is launching with a core Only Men team of four – but he says he would like to think they can double in size over the next 12 months.

Only Men is offering a wide range of PR and marketing services including web marketing, media relations, advertising, media buying, direct marketing and social media marketing.

At the moment, everyone in the Only Men team is male but Beattie says he will not be averse to hiring women.

“As long as they are passionate about marketing to men – they will be more than welcome to join the Only Men team,” said Beattie.

“Right now our goal is to raise the fame of the Only Men brand and start to win a few clients. For starters, we will be targeting various sectors including retail, health, fitness, automotive and fashion.”

Beattie Communications Group has eight offices in the UK and partners in 40 countries worldwide.

Its fast-growing Only brand operates 20 specialist business boutiques including Only Retail, Only Health, Only Travel and Only Web.


For further information please contact Gordon Beattie 0800 612 9890


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