Media Release: Management School’s digi-essay project improves inter-cultural communications

THE University of Stirling Management School has introduced ‘digi-essays’ to allow students to use a novel approach in their academic coursework.

Students in the MBA and two MSc programmes use visual methods of research and communication to analyse academic topics and present them as ‘digi-essays’, combining images, a voiceover and approximately 300 words of text.

The production of the digi-essay requires the use of specific editing software and video-audio recording equipment, which has been the result of a collaboration between the Management School and Information Services (as well as with an external partner, DigiTales Ltd).

Academic co-ordinator, Marcela Valania, said the project has “benefitted intercultural communication” within the Management School.

She added: “The broad mix of international students who study at Stirling have found the novel approach to be helpful in their understanding of particular topics.

“It is a departure for the Management School students to use visual methods of research and communication.

“However, we have seen that the results of interactive ways of learning are very positive and the feedback has been very good.

“It has helped to develop new teaching techniques for inclusion, participation and intercultural communication.”

Marcela added: “We are going to explore visual methods of communication in developing student engagement. It has been great to see the progression of this project, which links so many concerns in the University. It has been very rewarding to be part of.”

The School aims to roll out the successful project project to other courses next semester.

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