Media Release: Property advertising codes to help readers quickly access details


GRAHAM + Sibbald is delighted to have introduced QR codes in the beginning of May to bring a new dimension to their print property advertising.

The QR codes will allow readers instant access to full details of property schedules via their mobile phones.

Says a spokesperson: “Similar to a barcode, each little square QR code, also known as Quick Response code, is unique for a specific web page. Where readers see a QR code in the paper, they will be able to instantly view the full schedule details on their phone.

“The application for a QR code reader (software) can easily be downloaded from the internet. Then with a quick scan, a mobile user can access a website, saving that user dozens of keystrokes or mobile web searches. QR codes perfectly supplements the print ad with extra content and information.”

Ian Gillies, senior partner at Graham + Sibbald, comments: “Our agency departments are excited about the prospect of being able to include QR codes for property advertising which will enable them to provide potential property-buyers with instant access to detailed information through print advertising.

“As a firm, we are always looking forward and are therefore very interested in this innovative technology to provide our clients access to property details via their smartphones.

“This technology merges the medium of print and digital effortlessly. There is little doubt that QR codes are here to stay and will continue to grow into being the preferred way for mobile users to connect to information.”

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