Media Release: New app to change face of hyperlocal TV


URTV, considered the first daily social TV network in the UK, has launched a new iPhone application for viewers to contribute local news and advertisements via video.

The easy-to-use newsgatherer app is free to download from the Apple iTunes store and provides a direct line to a network of hyperlocal TV channels so viewers can submit their own video news, comments and classified advertising.

URTV, which provides hyperlocal community content to a network of web-based channels, is piloting the app on its pioneering

“Most newspapers and traditional TV stations that have apps have designed them so viewers can read or watch the content. Our app is specifically designed to encourage news gathering and will allow users to submit their own videos direct to us,” said Brian Keating, Ddrector of URTV and a former executive with Apple Computers, Newbridge Networks and Thirdspace.

“Our iPhone app will revolutionise classified advertising as anybody selling a car, boat, house or even just making a personal announcement will be able to submit a 30-second video.”

The development of the app follows the highly successful launch of, which began broadcasting to the home town of television pioneer, John Logie Baird, on 26 January 2011, the 85th anniversary of the inventor’s first public demonstration of television.

The hyperlocal Internet channel is part of a network of online URTV social media television stations being rolled out to towns across the UK providing a daily diet of news, features and information for local communities. has broken even on running costs after just eight months and is now making a monthly profit as a result of advertising and the support of the local community.

“We have proved that hyperlocal television is something that people want and that it is commercially viable,” added Keating.

“This was the critical issue for our licensing partners who are signing up to offer URTV in their areas. We believe we’ve created a low cost model without compromising on quality. This app will augment and complement our content while re-enforcing the local nature of the service.

“It will help make URTV even more important as a community asset and further establish social media television as an ideal platform for local news, views and entertainment.

“The URTV network can provide information to local communities at a level most traditional broadcasters cannot compete with. Increasingly, people are getting information online and they want news delivered in video formats that can be downloaded to a variety of mobile devices and digested at home, at work and on the move.

“URTV has recruited a team of experienced reporters and broadcasters from the national press, BBC and commercial channels along with highly skilled IT people to work with a new generation of multi-media journalists to provide good quality hyperlocal news and entertainment.”


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