Media Release: Survey of teens and their smartphones – comment from Just Call


A SURVEY conducted by Ofcom has revealed that a number of teenagers and adults under 30 have admitted that they are addicted to using their smartphone handsets, which shows that people are becoming more reliant on telecommunications to stay in touch with the people that matter, say Just Call.

Says Just Call: “A new report published by Ofcom has revealed that 60 per cent of teenage smartphone users admitted that they are ‘highly’ addicted to their mobile phone, compared to 37 per cent of adults. The survey, which questioned 2,073 adults and 521 children also revealed that the smarphone is one of the most popular methods of communication in society today, and people are using it in almost every place or situation.”

A spokesperson for Just Call comments: “The results of this survey by Ofcom are really very interesting, because they show just how often people are choosing to use their mobile phones. Ofcom has revealed that 27 per cent of adults and 47 per cent of teenagers in the UK have a smartphone, and 59 per cent of smartphone owners received them over the past year. But what’s really exciting is the study found that while 80 per cent of those surveyed have their phone all day, everyday, 47 per cent of those questioned admitted to using their smartphone when they were using the toilet, which is  extraordinary.

“In addition to the increasing use of smartphones in everyday life, with 81 per cent of smartphone users admitting to making more calls and sending more texts compared to 53 per cent of regular mobile phone users, the survey also identified how technology was beginning to change the way that people communicated and and spent their free time. With 30 per cent of teenage respondents stating that they spent less time playing video games, compared to 23 per cent saying that they didn’t watch as much TV as they used to.”

The spokesperson at Just Call continues: “The impact of the smartphone has been considerable over the last few years, and since 2005, they have grown in popularity, use, style and efficiency, giving them a £3.7 million stake of the mobile phone market by December 2010. In fact, the survey also found that smartphone users were much  more likely to take personal calls during work hours, and to also engage in work-related calls when they were at home. While this may sound a little surprising, the fact that smartphones have become so popular shows that people are looking for gadgets that can help make everyday lives a little bit easier, and if a phone can help find a new restaurant or unearth great deals on international calls, then the rise of smartphone use can only be a good thing.”

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