Media Release: Comment following report of attack on Japanese defence contractor


THE recent report of a security breach suffered by a Japanese defence contractor is just the latest in a long series of similar breaches around the world.

Says a spokesperson: “Once again, the discovery of multiple instances of the installation of malware or viruses on servers and desktops is symptomatic of what could be a very sophisticated attack – frequently referred to as Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)-type attack.

“It is reported that the breach started with what is known as spear phishing attacks – when attackers use very targeted emails; specially crafted/customised to targeted individuals, to maximise the chances of them being opened and any links within them being clicked on and followed.”

Said Martin Finch, managing director of commissum, a specialist information security consultancy: “The organisation targeted here is a typical victim of such an attack by what could be industrial espionage or state sponsored hacking to access either national security information, or intellectual property.”

Adds Chris Williams, senior consultant at commissum: “The usual modus operandi is for attackers to establish a foothold through initial breaches, and then use this to both escalate the level of the breach and establish further access points.

“This frequently continues over what is often a very protracted time-scale. The victim will, if one or more breaches are discovered, be uncertain as to how many other breaches have been established and where these are.”

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