Media Release: Online shopping boom gives parcel delivery companies a great start to 2012, say ParcelsPlease


RECENT figures from the online shopping industry have revealed that retailers are expecting more consumers to buy products online on Christmas Day, which could give the parcel delivery company a fantastic boost in time for the new year, according to ParcelsPlease.

Christmas 2011 is just a few days away, but the work isn’t over for online retailers and parcel delivery companies, as the e-retailing group Interactive Media in Retail Group or IMRG have predicted that UK consumers will spend an astonishing £186.4 million online on Christmas Day and a further £368 million on Boxing Day.

A spokesperson for ParcelsPlease comments: “The figures from IMRG are really very encouraging as they show that more and more consumers are choosing to do their shopping online, which means that parcel delivery companies like us will be needed by consumers more than ever.

“In fact, these figures show that the number of consumers choosing to shop online on Christmas day has increased by 12 per cent compared to last year, which is really very interesting.

“The increase in the amount of consumers shopping online, which has been welcomed by retailers, is due, in part to a number of online retailers opting to start their Christmas sales a few days earlier.

“And this new trend for shopping for items in the Christmas sales online is something that ParcelsPlease has been preparing for since early 2011.”

The spokesperson for ParcelsPlease continues: “We noticed that more UK consumers were using the internet to buy items from the Christmas sales last year.

“After considering this, and after looking at customer behaviour on our site during 2011, we decided to redevelop our website to support our customers and make it even easier for them to send parcels all over the world.

“Parcel delivery services are really a very important part of the e-commerce industry, so the next year will be a very valuable time for the parcel delivery industry.”

About ParcelsPlease:

ParcelsPlease is the online trading name of Consolidated Carriers Ltd, known as CCL, which offers reliable mail delivery in the UK, Europe and worldwide. CCL – a complete logistics supermarket – has been operating in the logistics industry since 1999, and has moved over 6 million parcels to date.

Booking deliveries with ParcelsPlease and CCL means dealing with a company that knows the logistics industry inside out, and which shares contracts with the world’s most reliable and competitive parcel carriers.

ParcelsPlease and CCL value everything from quality to responsibility, making up the first logistics company in the UK to achieve a carbon neutral footprint.

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