Media Release: Glasgow Taxis Ltd makes £1.85m investment in technology to improve service and safety


GLASGOW Taxis Ltd (GTL), understood to be Scotland’s largest taxi company, has made an overall £1.85m investment in infrastructure, utilising the latest online technology to help improve customer service and safety.

As part of an ongoing improvement programme, the iconic black taxi firm has already introduced a number of new systems to modernize the business with more set to follow in the coming months.

Among the improvements made to date are:

  • Installation of new IT despatch and telephone systems (MTData)
  • A new automatic and interactive voice response (IVR) phone booking system
  • A new online booking system incorporating live vehicle tracking
  • The renewal of more than 550 Glasgow Taxis Ltd vehicle radios

In addition, a new booking app for iPhones, androids and smart phones as well as a completely redeveloped Glasgow Taxis Ltd website featuring online booking facilities are due to go live within weeks.

Glasgow Taxis Ltd vice-chair, Stephen Flynn, said: “We have made this significant investment to take the company to the next level in terms of safety and service.

“It will truly modernize the business and ensure we can provide best possible service to all customers as well as comprehensive support for our membership and drivers.

“We’d encourage all customers to register with our new IVR system to enjoy the full benefits.

“In the first few weeks of implementing those systems we did experience some challenges but these were quickly overcome.

“Our call centre staff received additional training which has allowed them to process more than 500,000 calls since go-live date.”

In more detail the new systems are:

  • Despatch system / telephone network: Investment in the latest IT and communication system to ensure we provide an efficient and effective service that meets all our customers’ needs. Our fully experienced call centre staff have processed more than 500,000 calls since the go-live date of our ultra-modern system in October.
  • IVR – Interactive Voice Response: A new automatic booking service which allows customers to book a taxi more quickly through an automated system, benefitting from improved speed of service without having to wait to speak to an operator, particularly valuable at peak times.
  • Taxi Web Booker: A new online booking service which means registered corporate customers can book a taxi with a few simple key presses online, improving both speed and ease of booking. Once booked, live mapping will display the taxi on approach and email updates on the progress of a booking, meaning you will know the location of your booked taxi at all times. You will also have the ability for book for more than one address within a single booking.

Jim Smith, member of the Glasgow Taxis Ltd executive committee, added: “This investment and the improvements made will benefit both Glasgow Taxis Ltd customers and drivers alike, increasing control, accountability, safety, efficiency, quality and speed of service.

“In addition, thanks to the investment in these new systems, Glasgow Taxis Ltd now has the capability to develop and introduce its own booking app for use on mobile devices such as smart phones, iPhones, androids and tablet computers.

“With our new app on its way and a new Glasgow Taxis Ltd website, which will facilitate online payment, to follow we are putting everything in place to ensure we offer unrivalled customer service and passenger safety in Glasgow and beyond.”

Glasgow Taxis Ltd, formed in 1997 from a merger of Glasgow’s major taxi companies, is a Friendly Society which represents more than 2,000 drivers of almost 1,000 of the near-1,500 black cabs working the city streets.

Based in a new £1.8 Taxi Operations Hub near the 2014 Games site, Glasgow Taxis Ltd plays a major role in the safety of Glasgow’s streets, through initiatives such as stewarded ‘Nite Zones’ at main ranks and the introduction of a Female First account to give a personal and prioritised service to female customers.

In 2011, it was named Glasgow’s Favourite Business at the Glasgow Business Awards hosted by the city’s Chamber of Commerce.

Jack Ferguson, executive committee member for GTL, said: “As well as improving service on the streets, utilising these new technologies will ultimately allow us to invest more time on the most important people in our business – the customer.”

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