Media Release: Mobile VoIP subscriptions reportedly grow to 29m at the end of 2011 – comment from JustCall


EACH year, it appears that costs continue to rise, whether it be fuel at the pumps or gas and electricity. Therefore, consumers here in the UK and across the globe are all looking for new and innovative ways of saving money. The rise of smartphones in fully developed and emerging markets has resulted in new technologies being widely available to the masses, increasing the breadth of offerings available to consumers.

A study by NPD In-Stat has concluded that the number of active mobile Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) subscribers has risen from nine million users in 2010 to 29 million, at the end of 2011, with the majority of users residing in western Europe. The most significant driving factor is believed to be the increased smartphone penetration across many markets.

A spokesperson from cheap calls provider JustCall stated:

“It’s great to see the availability of VoIP increasing for mobile users, across the world. For many years consumers have faced large bills when making long distance calls.

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The study predicts around 410 million subscribers to the service by 2015. Combined with revenues associated with mobile VoIP usage increasing to over $4 billion in 2015, will surely encourage network providers and many companies to join the market.

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