Media Release: Actors to be locked in solitary confinement for Harold Pinter play


AYRSHIRE-based theatre company, Hipshot Theatre, has created a powerful new production to follow the success of their previous productions, ‘Cell a Secret’ and ‘Labour of Change’.

Following the sell out performances of the in house written plays by the companies founder Chris Taylor; Hipshot Theatre have decided to produce the renowned play ‘The Dumb Waiter’ by Harold Pinter as their established play debut.

The reason Hipshot Theatre have decided to produce this play is because the writing style of Pinter echoes Chris Taylors dark, mysterious writing style that is so full of twists and turns it will leave the audience suffering from motion sickness, therefore ‘The Dumb Waiter’ will prove to be an exciting and thrilling addition to Hipshot Theatre’s repertoire.

For this production both Chris and his co-star, Andrew O’Donnell, will be undertaking an extreme experiment echoing their characters, they will be locking themselves in a room for a week living on the set and experiencing exactly what their characters would experience.

No phones, internet or TVs. Just two beds a kettle and the play. These two method actors will be in character throughout the whole week in order to fully understand the mind set of the plays two characters. The pair will be locked away from noon on Wednesday 15th February for one whole week.

This is also in order for Hipshot theatre to show the world that theatre in Ayr is still taken seriously and that people are passionate about it. After the relocation of Borderline theatre and the closure of the Gaiety, theatre in Ayr is slowing down and we want to change that!

Directed by the shows actors, Chris Taylor and Andrew O’Donnell, ‘The Dumb Waiter’ delves into the dark lives of the two hit men in an equally dark basement with only a mechanical service lift to communicate with the outside world.

Hipshot Theatre thrives on the unconventional and throws away the rulebook to make going to the theatre an experience rather than just pure entertainment.

‘The Dumb Waiter’ promises to be one of the most powerful and beautiful theatrical highlights in Scotland when it premieres next month in Ayr.

(Please note: The show contains strong violence and is not recommended for the easily offended.)

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