Media Release: 87 per cent IoD Aberdeen vote in favour of City Garden Project


A SURVEY of IoD members and guests in the Aberdeen area has demonstrated strong support for the City Garden proposal.

Asked whether they preferred the City Garden Granite Web proposal, or the retention of the existing Union Terrace Gardens, 87 per cent of those who took part in the survey voted for the City Garden.

Support was even stronger when the members and guests were asked if they supported the £182 million city centre investment package, which is tied into a positive vote for the City Garden. This received a 90 per cent yes vote with five per cent ‘no’ and five per cent ‘undecided’.

Commenting on the vote, Ken McEwen, chair of IoD Aberdeen, said:

“This is a strong vote in favour of both the City Garden project and the proposed £182 million investment in Aberdeen city centre.

“I believe it demonstrates that many of our members and guests have grasped the reality of this situation. Not only are they keen to see the creation of the City Garden, but they have also recognised that the funding for other key city centre projects depends on a positive vote and that investment is important for the economic future of our city.

“Aberdeen City Council has made it quite clear that the City Garden Project is part of a £182 million package of investment in Aberdeen city centre projects, which also includes clearing the St Nicholas House site, improvements at Northern Denburn, the public realm and the extension and improvements Aberdeen Art Gallery.”

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