Media Release: Scotland could doodle with having a bit more positivity

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SCOTLAND has, at times, been a country where negativity and downheartedness are like a downpour at a picnic, we hope and pray that they don’t pay us a visit but in the end they turn up and ruin our day.

Begins a spokesperson: “It is these sorts of attitudes and feelings we should spurn.

“If we look at our history we have always been a nation that has pioneered and engineered innovation and progress and yet we are very quick to forget all we’ve achieved.

“Some of the greatest minds have been born in this country and we have over the years been able to make the most out of even the direst of situations.

“Take Charles Mackintosh, for example. In 1823, he saw (as everyone did) that Scotland was (and still is) one of the rainiest places in Europe. So what did he do? He invented waterproof clothing so we could enjoy the beauty and the wilderness of our country and stay dry at the same time.

“Out of all the adversity and strife hope and genius has always risen and new Edinburgh based-publisher, doodlemacdoodle, aims to remind people in Scotland that even in austere times such as these there is a positive and bright future to be had, there are still people and places of great character, fortitude and beauty and that we can take a leaf out of our ancestors’ books and bring energy, enthusiasm and creativity to our fine country yet.

“Bookspeed, doodlemacdoodle’s parent company, have built up a reputation for integrity, quality and product knowledge and have become best known for their themed book ranges and bespoke orders.”

The spokesperson continued: “Building on this reputation they decided to establish their own publishing business doodlemacdoodle.

“Using their most successful themes and formats their aim is to evoke pride, joy, reminiscence and laughter in the readers and encourage them to be as creative and forward thinking as their ancestors or if they are not from Scotland they hope to help them fall in love with the country and share in their passion.

“Their first two books have certainly gone some way in doing this. Altogether the first two in the series ‘Och Wheesht and Get Oan Wae It’ and Eat Haggis and Ceilidh On’ have sold in excess of 30,000 copies.

“The third in book the series ‘Braw Stuff Fae Scotland’ is due for release on 22 March and with the tourist season fast approaching these three books look set to fly off the shelves and fall into the sure to be uplifted hands of Scottish residents and visitors alike.”

Kingsley Dawson, founder of Bookspeed and doodlemacdoodle, said: “These books are aimed at showing the positive sides to Scotland in the present day and in its illuminating history.

“We feel there are too many negative and downbeat attitudes and we want to change this and make everyone, natives and non-natives alike, aware of all the great things we have done as a country, all the magical and fascinating places it is home to and show them that there is still much more to come from our beautiful country and its peoples.

“In 2009, The Scotsman newspaper asked: ‘Are we a nation of negative thinkers driven to Calvinistic carping?’ If the glass is truly always half-empty in Scotland, then it is the very thing that doodlemacdoodle seeks to change.

“The pocket-sized books that doodlemacdoodle produce are inspiring through their anecdotal snippets of information and tales of tremendous innovation.

“Reading about our fearless forebears and present day heroes invokes pride in our little country of big ideas that have been both nationally and internationally recognised and adopted.

“Great as a small gift or as a nice personal treat, tourists will love them. These little gems offer colour, variety and humour that shops can place on their shelves, tables, stand-alone shelving or even on their till tops.

“Another book is planned for publication in the autumn and this will be similar to the others in the collection in all their fun, quirky offerings.

“The company are also running a giveaway competition and if you contact them with your ideas for the next book, you could get a mention in the text and win yourself a free copy of their forthcoming title Braw Stuff Fae Scotland.”

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