Media Release: ‘Braw Stuff’ is ‘Brailliant’

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NEW Scottish publisher, doodlemacdoodle, and The Scottish Braille Press are delighted to announce the simultaneous publication of Braw Stuff Fae Scotland on March 22nd.

Kingsley Dawson, chair of Bookspeed, doodlemacdoodle’s parent company, said:  “Inclusion is a key principle of our publishing programme. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy books as and when they are published.

“Over 95 per cent of books published never become available in formats for people with sight problems, and we’re very pleased to have been able to work with The Scottish Braille Press on this project.”

Such has been the success of the collaboration, doodlemacdoodle’s previous publications, Och Wheesht and Get Oan Wae It, and Eat Haggis and Ceilidh On, will also now be available in Braille format.

doodlemacdoodle publish attractive and exciting Scottish gift books that appeal to all ages, to residents, visitors and to anyone with any interest in Scotland.

John Donaldson, manager of The Scottish Braille Press, said: “The Scottish Braille Press is delighted to have the opportunity to work closely with doodlemacdoodle and to be able to publish the Braille versions of Braw Stuff simultaneously with the print version.

“The support they have given will allow Braille readers in Scotland and the UK to enjoy this new book along with their sighted friends and families.”

To celebrate publication, there will be an official launch of the first three books in Braille at The Royal Blind School, Edinburgh on April 19th, when the school returns from Easter holidays.

The publishers will meet with pupils and the school librarian for their reaction to the books in the afternoon at 3.30pm, and there is a drinks reception for invited guests in the evening.


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